Egale House

   The Eagle House is located on Main St. in Williamsville and built by Oziel Smith, in 1832. Some say it was 1827. This could be due to the fact when it was nearly completed it burned to the ground. They rebuilt on the original two foot thick limestone foundation. The 1832 date probably came from the second building.
   It was major stopping point for travelers from Canandaigua and Batavia en route to Buffalo and later served as a station on the Underground Railroad. .
   Oziel Smith died in 1836, leaving his wife Phebe, and daughters, Charlotte and Margaret, to run the inn until 1844.
   The Eagle House whet through many owners and changes over the years. But in 1958 it was leased by  Norman Rackl. He carefully preserved and restored many of its historic features, one of which is the sign board reading "Official stop for the stage coach running between the village, now Buffalo and Batavia."
   Town Board meetings were held at the Eagle House 1841 through 1846 (excepting 1843) they handled problems like bounties on menacing animals: $10.00 for a full grown wolf, $.10 for a crow and $.6 for a henhawk. In 1846 they voted to raise to double the amount of money for the support of common schools, now authorized to be raised by law.
   Today  the Eagle House is a  restaurant.

The Eagle House in Williamsville, as it looked in the 1880's. With the exception of the porch, the original hotel looked very much like the photograph.

Main Street, Amherst, looking west toward Buffalo from the Town Hall, around 1910. Trolley tracks are at the center. The Eagle House Hotel at the right.

Eagle House Restaurant as it looks today. Front and back